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Η παραδοση συνεχιζεται…

απο το 1974 εως σημερα!

Four generations
love for the wood


The company’s relationship with the wood starts at the beginning of 1900 in the small carpentry Workshop of the grandfather of the present owners. Several decades later, in 1974, the family established the first wood floor factory in Tripoli’s, Arcadia.

The company is continuously evolving through the years with basic pillars the quality and continuous customer satisfaction, creating innovative products, cooperating with leading foreign companies and improving its facilities and customer service.


Important chronological stations:


1974: Establishment of the first production unit of Parkellas, in Tripoli Arcadia

1981: The first showroom in Athens at Liosion street, at Attikis Square

1992: The second showroom in Athens at Kifisias Avenue, in Ambelokipous

1995: Purchase of the second factory in Korinthos, just outside Athens, in order to develop and improve the production process. Subsidiary Parkellas Corinth Ltd is founded.

2000: Expansion of the company’s warehouses and opening a new showroom in Tripolis, Arcadia

2006: The third showroom in Athens at Maroussi, Attika.

2010: Parkellas flagship showroom opening in Athens. The most modern wood floor exhibition in Greece with more than 500sq. m. of space and comforts like no other.

2013: Parkellas S.A absorbed Parkellas Corinth Ltd making the mother company more flexible, ready to face the future even better.


Exprerience – Consistency – Evolution


At each stage of our production process, from the natural drying to the storage of the wood, there are continuous control procedures in order to ensure the best quality in our products.

«Our aim is the consumer to receive a high quality product, to put it better a life-long product.»

Apart from producing our own wood flooring, hearkening the trends and constantly monitoring the market developments, we have created a wider range of products in order to meet customer needs in flooring. Having always focus on wood in all its forms. Solid, engineered or even as inspiration to floors like laminate or vinyl.


Flagship Store

Having in our minds your convenience , we created a unique place where the presentation of products make it easy for the customer to make the right choice.. Our store in Mesogeion Avenue 231 , just next to the Pentagon, is the flagship of our showrooms and you can find the most modern and updated materials you can install in your house.


Product Presentation

You can see all the samples in our really large surface to have a real picture of what you like best and also you can compare two or more products thanks to the unique way of presentation in our showroom.





Come with your architect…

In our shop there is a specially designed space so that we can sit together with your architect and explore in a beautiful and peaceful environment the best solution for you.